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For the longest time, the detractors of the Indian entertainment industry have accused it of lack of originality and aping the West. India has responded to these allegations by firmly establishing itself as a strong contender in international film award nominations and film festival invitations. Also, our ad agencies and models have notched top international honors serving as a testimony to the quality of their work.

This increasing global awareness, coupled with the virtue of the Indian entertainment industry being the largest in the world, has initiated several tie-ups; be it for technical needs, casting requirements or commercial propositions. India is emerging as a strong entertainment industry destination on the world map and we at expressTalent, sure hope to have the privilege to show you some of the opportunities that may be awaiting you.

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The support and patronage of the NRI community has been a great source of strength for the Indian film industry. Though a lot of you may harbour dreams of making a name for yourselves in the Indian entertainment industry, the immense physical distance between your adopted homeland and India proves to be the biggest hindrance. This is where expressTalent steps in. Our team of professionals will concentrate on sourcing work from the NRI market and arrange to have all your credentials marketed in India, on your behalf.

You can start right here by registering your talent. Upload your profile, to showcase your talent to the very best names in the Indian entertainment industry.

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