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Main Payment Process
Talent Registration

Follow these simple steps, to register your talent online.

Step 1

Register your Talent Portfolio at the Talent Catalogue. There are different levels defined at various stages to help simplify the process.

Step 2

Confirm your selections by registering/ logging on the site
OR you have the option to ‘Choose more Talent Categories’.
As a new user, you need to fill in a simple Registration Form, detailing your contact and personal details.

Step 3


You can proceed with your Talent Catalogue selections by selecting a Payment mode - Credit Card, Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft. Post this you will get instructions (pop-up) with the complete procedures and instructions as per your selection of the preferred payment mode.

If you want to pay later, you can save your Talent Catalogue selections be clicking on ‘Save Settings’. You can login later to process the order/s.

Step 4


You will then be displayed a confirmatory message, signifying the end of the payment process.

If your payments are not yet received by us or are in process, you can refer to the ‘Order Status’ page for complete details. For that, you need to log onto the site (LOGIN) and refer to ‘Please click here to view your payments status and to process payments’ in the ‘MY Portfolio’ page (post login)

Please remember we have 4 stages for payment-process:
1. Payment Realized: active online Talent Portfolio/s (displayed in the ‘MY      Portfolio’ page (post login).

The following will be displayed in the ‘Order Status’ page.
2. Payment Received & In-process: No changes allowed in Talent Catalogue      selections or payment mode.

3. Pending: User will not be allowed to change/ modify his Talent Catalogue      selections. Only the Payment mode can be changed.

4. Save Settings: User will be allowed to change/ modify his Talent Catalogue      selections and proceed by selecting the preferred Payment mode (Credit Card,      Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft).

Step 5


As soon as your payments are realised, your Talent Portfolio will be active!
You are now ready to:

Express Yourself (and further define your selections and tell us more about your special talent)

Upload Creative and support material (Documents - Scripts, Story outlines, Resumes, etc. and Images - Portfolio pictures, and other audio-visual submissions). You can also mail us other support material through regular post. Remember to mention your Talent ID (appearing on the site) on such packages.

We will also update you regularly on the latest developments or leads on your Talent.

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